Sadan Kelebek PhD, P.Eng


Faculty, Mining Engineering
Phone: 613-533-2207
Goodwin Hall, Room: Room 341

Expertise: Mineral Processing Technology, Computer Assisted Process Analysis, Process and Tailing Environment, Complex Sulphides and Pyrrhotite Rejection
Sadan  Kelebek
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(Shadan) Kelebek is an Associate Professor of Mineral Processing in the Department of Mining Engineering at Queen's University (Kingston). He obtained degrees from Istanbul University (BEng) and McGill University (MEng and PhD).
He spent several years as postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering at McGill University and CANMET's Fuel Processing Research Centre in Devon, Alberta. This was followed by about eight years with Metallurgical Technology Centre and Strathcona Mineral Processing Operations of Falconbridge Ltd. in the Sudbury district.
Currently, he is an Associate Editor of "Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly".

Dr. Kelebek's research interests include kinetics, thermodynamics of reagent interactions in simulated process environment, surface phenomena in mineral processing, reactivity and stability of sulphide minerals in tailing environments, recycling, dewatering and waste utilization, coal processing, recovery of fine particles, concentrator circuit analysis and design. Current emphasis is on flotation of complex sulphides and associated selectivity problems, primarily in relation to the rejection of iron sulphides and recovery of colloidal red-mud particles generated in the Bayer Process.

  • MINE 221: Process Calculations
  • Elements of Mineral Processing
  • MINE 455: Design Analysis and Operation of Mineral Processes
  • Process investigations
  • Mineral Processing and the Environment

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Tukel and S. Kelebek (2017). Separation of nickeliferous hexagonal pyrrhotite in processing of Ni-cu sulphide ores: Recovery by size performance. COM 2017, Met. Soc., CIM, Canada., Under consideration for publication by Int. Journal of Mineral Processing.

A.M.L. Cushing, A. Ghahreman, S. Kelebek (2017). Electrochemical characteristics of iron sulfide minerals in the presence of SMBS and TETA and the case for their joint action. COM 2017, Met. Soc., CIM, Canada., Under consideration for publication by Int. Journal of Mineral Processing.

T.C.H. Richards, E. Koss, U. Demir and S. Kelebek (2017). Flotation of a high-grade free-milling gold ore using xanthate and carboxylic acids as collectors. COM 2017, Met. Soc., CIM, Canada.

A.M.L. Cushing, S. Kelebek (2017). Adsorption Characteristics of CuTETA onto Natural Bentonite and Peat, submitted to Colloids and Surfaces.

Sahbaz, M. Çınar and S. Kelebek. (2016). Analysis of Flotation of Unburned Carbon from Bottom Ashes Acta Montanistica Slovaca. 21(2): 93-101.

C.E., Gibson, M. Aghamirian, T., MacNeil, S. Kelebek, B. Ingram (2016). Flowsheet Development and Integrated Pilot Plant Testing for a Pyrochlore Bearing Carbonatite Ore. Proceedings of XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress, 14 pp., Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

A.M.L., Cushing, and Kelebek, S. (2015). Adsorption Characteristics of Copper-Polyamine Chelates on Bentonite and Peat. Conference of Metallurgists, MetSoc (CIM), Symposium on Mineral Processing: Modelling and Optimization of Mineral Processing Systems, ISBN: 978-1-926872-32-2, Toronto, Canada

C.E. Gibson, S. Kelebek, M. Aghamirian, B. Yu. (2015). Flotation of Pyrochlore from Low Grade Carbonatite Gravity Tailings with Benzohydroxamic Acid., Minerals Engineering. 71: 97–104.

C.E. Gibson, S. Kelebek and Aghamirian, M. (2015). Flotation of Niobium Oxide Minerals: A Review of Relevant Literature and the Current State of Industrial Operations. International Journal of Mineral Processing. 137: 82-97.

C.E. Gibson, S. Kelebek (2014). Sensitivity of pentlandite flotation in complex sulfide ores towards pH control by lime versus soda ash: Effect on ore type, International Journal of Mineral Processing, 127, 44–51.


Dr. Kelebek is a recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Teaching Excellence for the 1998-99 academic year at Queen's University.


Queen's University Research Initiation Fund, NSERC, Falconbridge Ltd., Los Pelambres Mines Ltd., ALCAN International Inc.

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