Melissa Greeff PhD

Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ingenuity Labs Research Institute, Faculty
Phone: 613-533-6562
Fax: 613-533-6489
Walter Light Hall, Room: 402

Expertise: Robotics and Control Systems, Vision-Based Navigation
Melissa Greeff
Biography Research Teaching Publications Melissa Greeff is an Assistant Professor in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. She is a faculty affiliate with the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Her research interests include aerial robots, vision-based navigation, and safe learning-based control. She obtained her BASc in Engineering Science and her PhD from the University of Toronto. For more information about her research, visit the Robora Lab webpage.

Research Affiliations:

Melissa works in the field of robotics. She is affiliated with the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. For more information regarding her research projects, visit the Robora Lab webpage.

Research Area:

Aerial Robotics Control Systems Learning-Based Control Multi-Robot Systems Vision-Based Navigation Field Robotics

MREN 223 Signals and Systems


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