Majid Pahlevani PhD, P.Eng

Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty
Phone: 613-533-6000 ext. 77473
Walter Light Hall, Room: 424

Expertise: Energy Systems
Majid  Pahlevani
Biography Research Teaching Publications
Dr. Pahlevani received his PhD degree from Queens University, Kingston, ON, Canada, in 2012. He is currently an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Queen’s University. Prior to Queen’s, he was an Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada, from 2016 to 2019. He was also the Chief R&D Engineer and then the VP of Technology with SPARQ Systems, Inc., from 2011 to 2016. At SPARQ, he invented multiple innovative power circuitry and digital control techniques for SPARQ’s main product, QUAD micro-inverter. He collaborated with Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., where he was the Leader of a research team working on the design and implementation of the power converters for a pure electric vehicle from 2008 to 2011. He has conducted more than 20 industrial projects in renewable energy systems, energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and LED lighting. He has authored more than 130 journal and conference proceeding papers and is the holder of 50 U.S. patents (issued/pending).

Dr. Pahlevani is the Associate Editor of the IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics and a Member of the IEEE Power Electronics Society. He is also the recipient of numerous awards such as the “Early Research Excellence” Award form Alberta, Canada, “Research Achievement Award” and “Teaching Achievement Award” from the University of Calgary, “Engineering and Applied Sciences Outstanding Thesis” Award from Queens University, Kingston, ON, Canada, “Research Excellence Award” from IEEE Canada, and “Distinguished Research Award” from the University of Calgary.

Dr. Pahlevani conducts cutting-edge research on Energy Systems . Our Lab is a very friendly environment and includes researchers with diverse backgrounds. We encourage teamwork and our team consists of people with expertise in engineering, chemistry, and physics. Members of ePOWER Lab get exposed to various industrial projects, which allows them to acquire a diverse set of skills for their future endeavors. Dr. Pahlevani’s research interests include:

  • Power Electronics Technology
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Micro-Grids
  • Smart-Grids
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Solar Technology
  • LED Technology

ELEC 252: Electronics I

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