Leon Boegman PhD

Associate Professor

Civil Engineering, Faculty
Phone: 613-533-6717
Fax: 613-533-2128
Ellis Hall, Room: 228


Expertise: Environmental fluid dynamics, physical limnology and water-quality, shoaling internal solitary waves, turbulence in stratified flows, hydrodynamic modelling, coastal oceanography, quantitative imaging techniques
Leon Boegman
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  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Environmental Fluid Dynamics (2004)
    Centre for Water Research, Department of Environmental Engineering
    University of Western Australia
  • Master of Applied Science (MASc) - Environmental Fluid Dynamics (1999)
    Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) (1997)
    Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
    Environmental Engineering Minor
    McGill University

Selected Appointments

  • Associate Editor: Limnology and Oceanography
  • Associate Editor: Journal of Great Lakes Research
  • Section Editor: Inland Waters
  • Formerly: Scientific Advisory Committee: Great Lakes Fishery Commission
  • Adjunct Professor: Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph; Department of Civil Engineering, University of Alberta, Department of Biology, University of Waterloo
  • Member, Professional Engineers of Ontario

Engineering Experience

  • Engineering Consultant - Consulting projects for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Fisheries, Conservation Authorities and Municipalities.
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher - Computational Fluid Dynamics and Ocean Process Modeling (2005)
    Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher - Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (2004)
    School of Environmental Systems Engineering, University of Western Australia
  • Research Associate - Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (1999-2000)
    Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto
  • Research Assistant - Environmental Hydraulics (1997)
    Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, McGill University
  • Environmental fluid dynamics
  • Sediment resuspension
  • Coastal oceanography
  • Hydrodynamic and water quality modelling
  • Physical limnology and physical-biogeochemical coupling
  • Internal waves, turbulence and mixing in stratified flows
  • Impacts of climate change on water quality and fish habitat
My research activities focus on transport and mixing processes in the aquatic environment and their impact upon water quality.  Recently, my lab has been developing process-based models to aid lake management.  This includes models and parameterizations for deep-water oxygen concentrations, turbulent mixing, sediment resuspension, harmful algae blooms and the impacts of both climate change and offshore infrastructure development on water resources. Selected research themes include:
Internal waves, turbulence and mixing in stratified flows:
Field measurements are collected and computational models are applied to investigate the circulation and mixing dynamics in lakes and coastal oceans.  Recent work has focused on developing parameterizations for turbulent diffusivity from temperature microstructure measurements and improving observation of turbulent dissipation in bottom boundary layers.
(embedded link to youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHQATFyMg8I&feature=emb_title)
Video of internal wave generation in tilting tank experiment (top) and false colour video of breaking internal solitary wave (bottom).  The lower panel is indicated as a gray shaded region in the upper panel.  From Boegman, Ivey and Imberger (2005; Limnol. Oceanogr.)
Sediment resuspension in lakes and coastal oceans:
Lab experiments and field-scale numerical models are being applied to understand how wave-generated currents resuspend sediment material in lakes and coastal oceans.
(embedded link to youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=84_p6IR9Oq4&feature=emb_logo)
True-color bed sediment response to passage of an internal solitary wave of depression.  The pycnocline is shown in green and the sediments appear orange. From Aghsaee and Boegman (2015;J. Geophys. Res.).
Hydrodynamic and water quality modelling in lakes:
Computer models have developed to the stage where they can be routinely applied by managers, engineering consultants and researchers for diagnostic and prognostic simulations of aquatic hydrodynamics and water quality (e.g., effects of nutrient loads on eutrophication).  My group is developing and applying computer models for management of the Great Lakes and inland waters.
(embedded link to youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COOWoaIKVj0&feature=emb_title)
Modelled spring through fall temperature and dissolved oxygen contours in Lake Erie during 1994.   Note hypoxic bottom water in central basin.  From Boegman, Loewen, Culver, Hamblin and Charlton (2008; J. Environ. Eng.).
Development of calibration-free Sediment Oxygen Demand models:
The Sediment Oxygen Demand (SOD) is a parameter that regulates deep water oxygen concentrations in lakes and reservoirs.  However, in computer based lake management models, the SOD is typically a constant variable that is tuned so that model results match observations.  This has no predictive value.  My group is performing high-resolution numerical simulations and analyzing field data to develop calibration-free SOD algorithms.
(embedded link to youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OMQIjZT7_A&feature=emb_title)
Contours of instantaneous wall-shear stress (top), mass flux at the sediment water interface (middle) and dissolved oxygen concentration at the sediment water interface (bottom).  Black arrows highlight different transport events.  From Scalo, Piomelli and Boegman (2012; Phys. Fluids).
Ice modelling in lakes:
Ice cover algorithms are being developed to enable lake management models to be run through winter.
Modelled ice thickness on Lake Ontario during winter 2006–2007. From Oveisy, Boegman and Imberger (2012; Limnol. Oceanogr.).
Shoreline protection: Wind farm effects, wave uprush
Management of wastewater stabilization and stormwater ponds:
Effects of climate change on fish habitat and harmful algae blooms

Undergraduate courses

CIVL 451 - Lake, Reservoir and Coastal Engineering

The fundamental hydraulic processes regulating lake hydrodynamics, reservoir operation, and coastal engineering are discussed. Topics include wave theory, wave measurement, wave record analysis, wave transformation, seiches, tides, storm surges, turbulent mixing and transport of pollutants. Student projects are assigned on computational reservoir modeling, analysis of field data and reservoir operation as well as the design of breakwaters and ocean structures and the use of hydraulic and numerical coastal models. Prerequisites: CIVL 350 or permission of the instructor.
CIVL 350 - Hydraulics II
Topics in open channel flow including friction, specific energy, free-surface profiles, culverts and hydraulic-jump energy dissipaters. Lake dynamics and environmental hydraulics will be introduced. The basic underlying concepts of water resources and hydrology will be discussed. (0/5/0/10/33)
CIVL 260 - Civil Engineering Design I
The objectives of this introductory course are: to introduce students to engineering design and the challenges and excitement of the civil engineering profession; to develop written and oral communications skills; to develop an appreciation and ability for teamwork, creativity and time/project management; to develop skills in idea generation, creative problem solving, and research; and to develop skills in using computer applications in engineering design and analysis. The course exposes students to civil engineering design through case studies and group projects. Students are expected to learn about the design process through practice and, where possible, through implementation. Design projects are team-based and as such students need to learn how to work effectively with their peers. Sketching and AutoCAD are also be introduced and used. The design principles and concepts introduced will be used in follow-on courses throughout students' degrees. (0/0/12/12/24)
Graduate courses
CIVL 852 - Environmental Fluid Dynamics
Topics to include: conservation equations for turbulent flows; wall-bounded shear flows; spectral dynamics; measurement and modelling of mixing and dissipation in stratified flows; stability of stratified flows; linear, nonlinear and dispersive waves; internal wave breaking; convection. Theory will be discussed with reference to field observation, computational and laboratory modelling of lake and ocean flows. Three term-hours, winter.
CIVL 855 (Subtopic) - Hydrodynamics of Lakes, Reservoris and Coastal Oceans
This introductory level graduate course covers the fundamental geophysical fluid dynamics processes occurring in lakes, reservoirs and coastal oceans. Topics include: wave theory, wave measurement, wave record analysis, wave transformation, seiches, Rossby, Kelvin and Poincare waves, Ekman dynamics, tides, storm surges, nonlinear internal waves, turbulent dissipation and mixing.

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Journal Papers: Submitted (students and post-docs in bold)

Shukla, R., Boegman, L. Kumar, P. and Mishra, M. Identifying climate factors driving harmful algal blooms in a large shallow lake using causal machine learning.

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Hurtado Caicedo, D., Boegman, L., Hoffman, H. and Jabbari, A. Prediction of future methane emissions using a small-lake model for coupled climate modelling application.

Boegman, L., Nakhaei, N. and Yerubandi R Rao. Two-dimensional hydrodynamic-biogeochemical modelling of Lake Winnipeg for eutrophication management. 

Journal Papers: Published and In-press (students and post-docs in bold)

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Miles Wilson, PhD student

Co-supervised with Dr. J. Shore (RMC)


Research Topic: Coastal boundary layer hydrodynamics in Lake Ontario



Nina Beigzali, PhD Student

Co-supervised with Dr. Y. Zhao (OMNRF) and Dr. J. Ackerman (Guelph)


Research Topic: Impacts of climate change on walleye habitat in Lake Erie


Rohit Shukla, PhD student


Research Topic: Data driven methods to predict changes in water quality 


Sandra Dusolt, PhD student

Co-supervised with Dr. R. Mulligan (Queen's) and Dr. S. Shan (RMC)


Research Topic: Realtime and forecast modelling of water quality in Canadian Shield lakes




Andres Posada Bedoya, PhD student

Co-supervised with Dr. J. Olsthoorn (Queen's)


Research Topic: Periodic internal solitary waves  



Laura Swatridge, PhD student

Co-supervised with Dr. R. Mulligan (Queen's) and Dr. S. Shan (RMC)


Research Topic: Realtime and forecast modelling of waves and storm surges  



Lauren Haliwell, PhD student

Co-supervised with Dr. P. Champagne (NRC), Dr. G. Hall (Queen's) and Dr. H. Shirkhani (NRC)


Research Topic: Water quality modelling of wastewater stabilizaiton ponds



Former Students & Fellows

  • Matt Julseth (Undergrad Thesis 2022)
    • Modelling the storm surge in Lake Erie
  • Dr. Qi Wang (PhD 2022) 
    • Water quality modelling in Lake Erie
  • Dr. Amin Ghassemi (PhD 2022)
    • Sediment resuspension and transport shoaling internal solitary waves
  • Dr. Alireza Ghane (PhD 2022)
    • Winter hydrodynamics and nutrient fluxes in a Canadian lake
  • Dr. Shuqi Lin (Postdoctoral Fellow 2020-21)
    • Realtime and forecast modelling of Lake Erie
  • Dr. Saeid Zahedi (PhD 2021)
    • Energy dissipation under shoaling internal solitary waves
  • Dr. Aidin Jabbari (Postdoctoral Fellow 2019-20 at Queen's and Guelph)
    • Fish habitat and oxygen dynamics in Lake Erie
  • Dr. Alexander Rey (PhD 2020)
    • Hydrodynamic modelling of wastewater stabilization ponds
  • Daniela Hurtado (MASc 2019)
    • Modelling methane emissions from arctic lakes under climate change
  • Dr. Joanna Majarreis (PhD 2019 in Biology from Waterloo)
    • Nutrirent fluxes from cladophera and mussels in the Lake Erie nearshore zone 
  • Dina Elgaboury (Research Assistant 2018-2019)
    • Modelling harmful algae blooms in the Mississippi Valley watershed
  • Dr. Shuqi Lin (PhD 2019)
    • Modelling sediment resuspension in lakes
  • Laura Swatridge (Undergrad Thesis 2019)
  • Dr. Nader Nakhaei (MITACS Postdoctoral Fellow 2017-2018)
    • Eutriophication in Mississippi Lake
  • Fatemeh Mayhari (MASc 2018)
    • Modelling water quality in wastewater stabilization ponds
  • Haotian Sun (C.A. Thompson Undergrad 2018)
    • Long-term RANS modelling of Lake Erie
  • Dina Elgaboury (MASc 2018)
    • Modelling effects of phosphorus fractions on algae bloom development
  • Dr. Nader Nakhaei (PhD 2017)
    • Modelling eutrophication in Edmonton stormwater ponds
  • Carly Portch (Undergrad Thesis 2017)
    • Extreme wave run-up events in Lake Ontario
  • Elora Oades (Undergrad Thesis 2017)
    • Best Management Practices to reduce nutrients in watershed models
  • Dr. Hadiseh Bolkhari (MITACS Postdoctoral Fellow 2016-17)
    • Modelling wave run-up with SWASH
  • Dr. Aidin Jabbari (Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-17)
    • Integrating lake and climate models to predict oxygen in Canadian Shield lakes
  • Carly Portch (NSERC Undergrad 2017)
    • Wave run-up
  • Alex Carmel (NSERC Undergrad 2017)
    • 1D Lake modelling
  • Dr. Aidin Jabbari (PhD 2015)
    • Turbulent boundary layers
  • Dr. Payam Aghsaee (Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-12; presently Post-Doc at Iowa State)
    • Solitary wave resuspensiuon
  • Dr. Hadiseh Bolkhari (PhD 2015; presently Post-Doc at Queen's/CRCA)
    • Turbulent boundary layers
  • Matthew McCombs (MSc 2013; presently consulting engineer)
    • Impacts of offshore wind farms
  • Dr. Shastri Paturi (PhD 2012; presently NOAA scientist)
    • Effluent modelling in lakes
  • Dr. Damien Bouffard (Postdoctoral Fellow 2009-12; presently faculty member at EAWAG-ETH)
    • Turbulence, internal waves and hypoxia in lakes
  • Daniel S. Morikawa (Visiting Undergrad 2013; presently undergrad at University of Sao Paulo)
    • Impacts of lakeshore capacity on hypoxia and cold-water fisheries
  • Dr. Ali Oveisy (Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-12; presently Visiting Scientist at Environment Canada)
    • Numerical simulation of ice cover on lakes
  • Dr. Abbas Dorostkar (PhD 2012; presently a consulting engineer)
    • Massively parallel RANSE simulations of internal waves in lakes
  • Dr. Reza Valipour (PhD 2012; presently Visiting Scientist at Environment Canada)
    • Internal wave and sediment dynamics in Lake Erie
  • Dr. Carlo Scalo (PhD 2012; presently Assistant Professor at Purdue)
    • Large-Eddy Simulation and modelling of dissolved oxygen transport and depletion in water bodies
  • Dr. Payam Aghsaee (PhD 2011)
    • Dynamics of internal solitary wave and bottom boundary interaction
  • Christian Sonekan (Research Assistant)
    • Modelling impacts of climate change on Ontario Lakes
  • Sylvia Sleep (Undergrad; presently MSc student at UofT)
    • Feasibility of bubble plume destratification of Lake Erie
  • Erin Hall (MSc 2008; presently a consulting engineer)
    • Hydrodynamic modelling of Lake Ontario
  • Erin Hall (NSERC Undergrad)
    • Lake Ontario hydrodynamics
  • Marc Pichette (NSERC Undergrad)
    • Impacts of climate change on central Lake Erie thermal structure
  • Karan Bhawsinka (Visiting Undergrad from IIT Kharagpur)
    • Combined sewer overflow modelling in the upper St. Lawrence River
  • Perrine Leclerc (Visiting MSc from Institute of Sci. & Eng. Toulon)
    • Hydrodynamics of eastern Lake Ontario and the upper St. Lawrence River
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