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Mining Engineering, Faculty
Phone: 613-533-6366
Goodwin Hall, Room: Room 325

Expertise: Machine Design, Equipment Maintenance, Reliability Analysis, Systems Modeling, Simulation and Control, Mining Automation, Telerobotics
Laeeque  Daneshmend
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Competitive pressures have dictated that the mining industry move to larger mobile equipment with more advanced equipment mechanization, with higher levels of autonomous operation of machines, and longer periods between access by maintenance personnel. Such new equipment is of necessity more complex than existing designs, and hence machine reliability has become a key issue in progressing towards advanced mining equipment designs.
Current research attacks the issue of reliability and maintenance of mobile mining equipment on several fronts:
  1. Reliability modeling to enhance decision making for condition based maintenance.
  2. Utilization of production monitoring information from the equipment to enhance the understanding of operational failures.
  3. Systems analysis of mine maintenance management to formulate information systems requirements and optimize decision making.
  4. Reliability based design/redesign of mobile equipment for operational scenarios at various levels of autonomous operation. Recently completed research has focused on the mechanization and automation of mining equipment and systems.
This has resulted in significant advances in:
  1. Production monitoring and control systems for primary production equipment (cable shovels and blast-hole drills) in surface mining.
  2. Modelling, simulation, and control of production drilling in underground mining.
  3. Sensing and perception of the rock/geology with which the mining production equipment must interact - based on various sensing modalities: including measurable machine responses, machine vision, as well as ground penetrating radar.
Much of the above surface mining research has led to significant commercial spin-offs, through Aquila Mining Systems Ltd. (, and the underground production drilling work has resulted in a patent.
  • Mine Maintenance Management
  • Advanced Material Handling
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Mine Mechanization and Automation

Journal Publications

Marshall, J.A., Murphy, P.F., and Daneshmend, L.K., "Toward Autonomous Excavation of Fragmented Rock: Full-Scale Experiments," IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 2007. (Accepted)

A.S. Gosal, W. S. Owen, L. Daneshmend, R. Hall, "Hydraulic Power Sharing On a Hydrostatic Transmission for a Load-Haul-Dump for Underground Mines," Transactions of the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Section A: Mining Technology 116, 3, 100-108, 2007.

Books (Whole)

Liu, J., and Daneshmend, L.K, January, 2004, "Spatial Reasoning and Planning: Geometry, Mechanisms, and Motion," pp. 180, Springer-Verlag Series in: Advanced Information Processing, Hardcover ISBN: 3-540-40670-0.

Conference Proceedings

Murphy, P.F.R., and Daneshmend, L.K., "Matching Machine Design to the Production Process: A Case Study in the Integrated Design of Mobile Equipment and Mining Methods," 3rd CDEN/RCCI International Design Conference, Toronto, Ontario, July, 2006.

Thakur, S.S., Murphy, P.F.R., Daneshmend, L.K., and Lucifora, D.J., "Design for Reliability and Maintainability using FMECA: Case Studies of Mobile Underground Mining Equipment," 3rd CDEN/RCCI International Design Conference, Toronto, Ontario, July, 2006.

Murphy, P.F.R., and Daneshmend, L.K., "University-Industry Collaboration in Multidisciplinary Design Education: The Sandvik Mining Equipment - Queen's Mine-Mechanical Experience," 3rd CDEN/RCCI International Design Conference, Toronto, Ontario, July, 2006.

Hall, R.A., Daneshmend, L.K., "Evaluation of Intelligent Shovel Technologies for Improved Safety and Performance," Proceedings of the Society of Mining Engineering Annual General Meeting, Denver, Colorado, February, 2004.

Murphy, P., Gosal, A., Hineman, J., Hall, R., and Daneshmend, L.K., "Research and Development for an Ultra-Low Profile LHD," Proceedings of the CIM AGM, Edmonton, AB, May, 2004.


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