Christopher Pickles PhD, P.Eng


Faculty, Mining Engineering
Phone: 613-533-2759
Goodwin Hall, Room: Room 342

Expertise: Processes and the Environment, Advanced Pyrometallurgy, Process Engineering for Metals Extraction, Advanced Metals Extraction
Christopher  Pickles
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Professor Pickles' research is primarily concerned with the application of new energy sources for the recovery and recycling of metals.
In particular he is interested in the use of plasmas and microwaves in extractive metallurgy. Microwaves are a relatively new energy source with considerable potential. Fundamental research is being performed on the interactions of microwaves with minerals. On the applied side, this technology is being studied for drying, heating and smelting applications. One particular application which is being studied is the drying and smelting of lateritic ores. Microwaves are being considered for use as an alternative energy source in the conventional segregation process for nickel.
With regards to waste processing significant work has been performed on electric arc furnace dust processing and also lead-acid battery residue treatment. Electric arc furnace dust continues to be a major environmental problem facing the iron and steel industry. Work has been focused on the pyrometallurgical extraction of the non-ferrous metals.
Also some research has been performed on the caustic leaching process. A technique for the treatment of lead-acid battery was developed which resulted in lower sulphur dioxide and lead emissions than the conventional blast furnace or rotary kiln process.


  • Processes and the Environment
  • Advanced Pyrometallurgy
  • Process Engineering for Metals Extraction
  • Advanced Metals Extraction

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