Asli Sari PhD, P.Eng

Assistant Professor

Faculty, Mining Engineering
Phone: 613-533-2639
Goodwin Hall, Room: 325A

Expertise: Surface and underground mine planning, data analysis, applications in mine optimization, fleet management, mine automation, Machine Learning
Asli Sari
Biography Publications

Yuksel Asli Sari is an Assistant Professor at the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. She received BSc, MEng and PhD degrees from McGill University. With her background in computer science, she focuses on the computer applications in the mining industry. She has developed tools for open pit mine planning (finding pit limits, block extraction sequencing and block routing) and stope optimization (stope layout planning, stope sequencing). Also, she has designed mathematical models for dig-limit optimization, open pit mine planning with landfilling option and to determine the stope limits. Her research interests include short term and long term underground and surface mine planning, data analytics and machine learning applications in mine optimization and mine automation.

Journal publications

  • A. Sari, M. Kumral. (2019). “A planning approach for poly-metallic mines using sublevel stoping technique with pillars and ultimate stope limits”, Engineering Optimization, in press.
  • Li, Y.A. Sari, M. Kumral. (2019). “New approaches to cognitive work analysis through latent variable modeling in mining operations”, Journal of Mining Science and Technology, in press.
  • A. Sari, M. Kumral. (2018). “A landfill based approach to surface mine planning”, Journal of Central South University, 25(1), 159–168.
  • A. Sari, M. Kumral. (2018). “Dig limit optimization through mixed integer linear programming in open pit mines”, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 69(2), 171–182.
  • Kumral, Y.A. Sari. (2017). “Simulation-based mine extraction sequencing with chance constrained risk tolerance”, SIMULATION, 93(6), 527–539.
  • St-Pierre, Y.A. Sari, M. Kumral. (2017). “Creation of Histograms for Data in Various Mineral Resource and Engineering Problems”, Natural Resources Research, 26(2), 201–212.
  • Kumral, Y.A. Sari. (2017). “An application of possibilistic programming to production sequencing of mining parcels”, International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management, 12(2), 79–88.
  • A. Sari, M. Kumral. (2016). “A new heuristic memory-based simulated annealing approach applied to mine production scheduling problem”, International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences, 9(4), 348– 365.
  • A. Sari, M. Kumral. (2016). “An improved meta-heuristic approach to extraction sequencing and block routing”, Journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 116(7), 673–680.
  • A. Sari, M. Kumral. (2015). “Mine Production Scheduling For Poly-Metallic Mineral Deposits: Extension to Multiple Processes”, International Journal of Planning and Scheduling, 2(2), 134–153.

Conference papers

  • A. Sari, M. Kumral, “Incorporating grade uncertainty into sublevel stope sequencing”, APCOM, June 4-6 2019, Wroclaw PL
  • Li, Y.A. Sari, M. Kumral, “A spatial clustering algorithm for orebody classification and boundary setting”, APCOM, June 4-6 2019, Wroclaw PL
  • A. Sari, M. Kumral, “A new approach to underground stope layout optimization”, IMCET, April 11-14 2017, Antalya TR
  • A. Sari, N. Germain, M. Kumral, “Short-Term production planning for multi-metal open-pit mines with equipment size constraints”, IMCET, April 11-14 2017, Antalya TR
  • A. Sari, M. Kumral, “Optimal Mine Extraction Sequencing Using Meta-heuristics”, IMCET, April 14-17 2015, Antalya TR

Conference presentations

  • A. Sari, M. Kumral, “A new dimension reduction and optimization approach to stope layout planning”, AIMS, May 23-24 2018, Aachen DE
  • Justin Mak, Y.A. Sari, M. Kumral, “Optimal process design facilitation for mining operations”, AIMS, May 23-24 2018, Aachen DE
  • A. Sari, M. Kumral, “Waste Management Strategy through Mine Production Scheduling”, EurAsia Waste Management Symposium, May 2-4 2016, Istanbul TR
  • A. Sari, M. Kumral, “A Machine Learning Approach to Mine Production Scheduling” Poster Pre- sentation, CIM Convention, May 9-13, Montreal QC
  • Kumral, Y.A. Sari, “Mine extraction sequencing through fuzzy optimization”, CIM Convention, September 11-13 2014, Sept-Iles QC
  • Kumral, Y.A. Sari, “Multi-destination mine planning for poly-metallic mineral deposits”, CIM Convention, May 11-14 2014, Vancouver BC


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