Andrew J. Daugulis PhD, P.Eng, FCAE

Professor Emeritus; Queen's Research Chair in Biochemical and Cell Culture Engineering; Cross-appointed to the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

Cross Appointed, Chemical Engineering, Emeritus Faculty
Phone: 613-985-7439 
Fax: 613-533-6637 

Expertise: Bioprocess Development, Cell Culture Engineering, Modeling and Simulation of Bioreactors, Partitioning Bioreactors for Biosynthetic and Bioremediation Applications
Andrew J. Daugulis
Biography Research Publications Awards & Grants

BSc, MESc, PhD, PDF from Queen’s University, Western University, Queen’s University and University of Waterloo.

Visiting Scholar (Sabbatical Leaves), Shell Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK (1987 and 2004).

Paid Consultant to: International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria; General Electric, Schenectady, N.Y.; Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen, Denmark; Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa Ontario; E.I. DuPont de Nemours, Wilmington, Delaware; Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein and Fox, Washington DC (Expert Witness); Kirkland and Ellis, LLP, New York, NY (Expert Witness), Zymergen, Inc., Oakland CA.

Editorial Board Activities: Editor, Journal of Hazardous Materials; Advisory Editorial Board, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology; Editorial Board, Biodegradation; Editorial Board, Biotechnology Letters; Editorial Board, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal

My research has focused on the area of Biochemical and Cell Culture Engineering, with the aim of developing novel bioprocesses for both biotechnology and environmental applications. The research from our laboratory has created a Technology Platform known as two-phase partitioning bioreactors (TPPBs), which has now been adopted by Research Groups in more than 20 countries around the world, and has led to US/Canadian patents and commercial licenses. 

Successful examples have included the production of biofuels such as ethanol and acetone/butanol, commercially important high value neutraceuticals and biopharmaceutical precursor molecules, and the biodestruction of toxic substrates such as substituted phenols, endocrine disruptors, fracking fluids and PCBs. Through the application of rigorous thermodynamic predictions and experimental validation, the active sequestering phases in TPPBs in our laboratory have included immiscible organic solvents, ionic liquids, amorphous polymers, and ionomeric materials all acting to detoxify, and greatly enhance, bioprocess performance.
(Refereed Journal Publications Since 2010)

Alexiou, J., Biro, R., Tremblay, A., Daugulis, A.J. and Parent J.S. Base-Functionalized Polymeric Chemisorbents for Succinic Acid Recovery from Aqueous Solution, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 2023 (In Press).

Biro, R, Daugulis, A.J. and Parent, J.S., Polymeric Ionic Liquid Absorbents for n-Butanol Recovery from Aqueous Solution, AIChE J. 68 (8) August 2022, e17676,

Ma, X-k, Ma, H., Chen, Q., Ma, Y., Daugulis, A.J., Liang, J., and Zheng, P., The influence of monochromatic lights on flavonoid production by the fungus Sanghuangporus vaninii: Modeling of kinetic profiles and expression levels of important genes in flavonoid synthesis, Biochem. Eng. J., 166, 107876, (2021).

Zhao, W.W., Zhu, G., Daugulis, A.J., Chen, Q.,Ma, H-Y, Zheng, P., Liang, J. and Ma, J.K., Removal and biomineralization of Pb2+ in water by the fungus Phanerochaete chrysoporium, Journal of Cleaner Production, 260, 120980 (2020).

Tomei, M.C., Angelucci, D.M. and Daugulis, A.J., Self-regenerating tubing bioreactor for removal of toxic substrates: operational strategies in response to severe dynamic loading conditions, Science of the Total Environment, 723, 138019 (2020).

Vincent, R. H., Parent, J.S. and Daugulis, A.J, Using poly(vinyldodecylimidazolium bromide) for the in-situ product recovery of n-butanol, Biotechnol. Prog., 36, e2926 (2020). 

Mullins, N.R and Daugulis, A.J., The Biological Treatment of Synthetic Fracking Fluid in an Extractive Membrane Bioreactor: Selective Transport And Biodegradation Of Hydrophobic And Hydrophilic Contaminants, J.Hazard. Materials, 371, 734-742, (2019). 

Mullins, N.R and Daugulis, A.J., Characterization of Transport Through Polymers for Fracking Fluid Treatment and Organic Acid Concentration in Extractive Membrane Bioreactors, J.Chem Technol Biotechnol, 94,  690-700, (2019). 

Angelucci, D.M., Annesini, M.C., Daugulis, A.J. and Tomei, M.C., Polymer Extraction and Ex SituBiodegradation of Xenobiotic Contaminated Soil: Modeling of the Process Concept, J. Env. Mgmt, 230, 63-74 (2019).  

Priebe, X. And Daugulis, A.J., Thermodynamic Affinity-Based Considerations for the Rational Selection of Biphasic Systems for Microbial Flavour and Fragrance Production, J.Chem.Technol.Biotechnol.,93, 656-666 (2018) (More Information). 

Bacon, S.L., Ross, R.J., Daugulis, A.J. and Parent, J.S., Imidazolium-based Polyionic Liquid Absorbents for Bioproduct Recovery, Green Chemistry, 19, 5203-5213, (2017) (More Information). 

Tomei, M.C., Angelucci, D.M., Stazi, V. and Daugulis, A.J. On The Applicability of a Hybrid Bioreactor Operated With Polymeric Tubing for the Biological Treatment of Saline Wastewater, Science of the Total Environment, 599-600, 1056-1063, (2017) (More Information). 

Angelucci, D.M., Stazi, V., Daugulis, A.J., and Tomei, M.C., Treatment of Synthetic Tannery Wastewater in a Continuous Two-Phase Partitioning Bioreactor: Biodegradation of the Organic Fraction and Chromium Separation, J Cleaner Production, 152, 321-329 (2017) (More Information). 

Tomei, M.C., Mosca Angelucci, D. and Daugulis, A.J., A Novel Continuous Two-Phase Partitioning Bioreactor Operated With Polymeric Tubing: Performance Validation for Enhanced Biological Removal of Toxic Substrates, J. Env. Management, 187, 265-272 (2016). (More Information) 

Bacon, S.L., Daugulis, A.J. and Parent, J.S., Isobutylene-rich imidazolium ionomers for use in two-phase partitioning bioreactors, Green Chemistry, 18, 6586-6595  (2016). (More Information) 

Tomei, M.C., Angelucci, D.M and Daugulis, A.J., Sequential Anaerobic-aerobic Decolourization of a Real Textile Wastewater in a Two-Phase Partitioning Bioreactor, Science of the Total Environment, 573, 585-593 (2016). (More Information) 

Kleczek, M.R., Whitney, R.A., Daugulis, A.J. and Parent, J.S., Synthesis and Characterization of Thermoset Imidazolium Bromide Ionomers, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 106, 69-75, (2016) (More Information). 

Tomei, M.C., Angelucci, D.M. and Daugulis, A.J., Towards a Continuous Two-Phase Partitioning Bioreactor for Xenobiotic Removal, J. Haz Mat., 317, 403-415, (2016). (More Information). 

Ma, X-k, Ding, N., Peterson, E.C.,  and Daugulis, A.J. Heavy Metals Species Affect Fungal-Bacterial Synergism During the Bioremediation of Fluoranthene, Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 100, 7741-7750, (2016) (More Information). 

Bacon, S.L., Daugulis, A.J. and Parent, J.S., Effect of Polymer Molecular Weight Distribution on Solute Sequestration in Two-Phase Partitioning Bioreactors, Chem Eng J., 299, 56-62, (2016) (More Information). 

Annesini, M.C., Tomei, M.C., Piemonte, V. and Daugulis, A.J. Xenobiotic Removal from Wastewater in a Two-phase Partitioning Bioreactor: Process modelling and Identification of Operational Strategies, Chem Eng J, 296, 428-436, (2016) (More Information). 

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Academician, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1992- present.

Frank Knox Award for Excellence in Teaching: Highest Award for Teaching Conferred by Students at Queen’s University, 2005.

Recipient, Professional Engineers of Ontario Medal for Research & Development, 2015.

Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering, 2016-present.

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