A. Michael Birk PhD, P.Eng, CofA

Professor Emeritus

Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Emeritus Faculty
Phone: 613-533-2570
Fax: 613-533-6489
McLaughlin Hall, Room: 230

Expertise: Fire effects on hazardous materials pressure vessels, Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour, Energy and Fluid Systems, Ejectors, Effusion Cooling, Gas Turbines, Hazards in Compressed and Liquified Gases, Thermography, Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosions-BLEVE
A. Michael Birk
Research Teaching Awards & Grants Open Positions

Areas of Research 

  • Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Heat Transfer 
  • Fire Effects on Pressure Vessels 
  • Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosions 
  • Accidental Releases of Compressed and Pressure Liquefied Gases 
  • Gas Turbine Components 
  • Ejectors 
  • Effusion cooling 

Dr. Birk's research activities are closely tied to industrial applications. The following are examples of research activities. 

  • Analysis and modelling of accidents involving fires and releases of compressed and liquefied gases 
  • Computer simulation of pressure vessels in and near fires 
  • Large scale fire experimental research of hazardous materials pressure vessels 
  • Small scale research experiments to study near field blast and ground loading of BLEVE 
  • Fire experimental research of hazardous materials pressure vessels 
  • Model based prognostic health monitoring of micro gas turbines 
  • Destructive testing of micro gas turbines 
  • Micro gas turbines for combined heat and power 
  • CFD and hot/cold flow experiments of specialized gas turbine components 
  • Thermography applied to impingement/effusion cooling research for gas turbine combustors 
  • Thermographic inspection techniques 
  • FE modelling of laser transmission welding of plastics 
  • FE modelling of high temperature stress rupture in pressure vessels 

Laboratories and Research Projects 

Gas Turbine Laboratory 

Thermal Hazards Laboratory 

Thermographic Methods Laboratory 

BLEVE Research 


  • MECH 936 Radiative Heat Transfer 
  • MECH 940 Selected Topics in Thermal-Fluids Engineering 


NSERC, Transportation Development Centre and Transport Dangerous Goods Directorate of Transport Canada, W.R. Davis Engineering Limited, Allied Signal Canada, Pratt and Whitney Canada, Department of National Defense.

Dr. Birk has a number of graduate students working with him on the following projects 

  • CFD and Experiments of Effusion Cooling with Pressure Gradients 
  • Experiments and CFD of BLEVE Close in Blast and Ground Loading 
  • CFD and Experiments of a Swirl Combustor for  
  • CFD and Experiments of a Multilobe Swirl Mixing Nozzle 
  • Development of a Helicopter Main Rotor Experimental Apparatus for Studying Fluid Dynamics of Rotor Flows Near Obstructions and Jets.  

The following is a list of projects that may become available for interested graduate students. 

  • computer modelling of pressure vessels in or near fires 
  • computer models of BLEVE hazards (fireballs, blast, ground loading, projectiles) 
  • effects of BLEVEs on bridges and in buildings and tunnels 
  • CFD of Effusion Cooling 
  • Experiments of Effusion Cooling 
  • Micro Gas Turbine for Combined Heat and Power 

If you are a highly qualified and motivated person and are interested in one of the above, or a related project, then send a email of interest along with a CV to A. M. Birk (birka@QueensU.CA). 


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