Welcome to the First Nations STEM Futures Academy!

Made possible through the generous support and commitment of Sprott Inc, we're launching an exciting new initiative that expands the offerings of Indigenous Futures in Engineering, starting in the academic year 2023-2024.


Our mission is to establish the First Nations STEM Futures Academy, extending enriching STEM experiences throughout high school, targeting communities underrepresented in post-secondary STEM programs, especially those on First Nations reserves. Out of the 150 Grade 8 participants annually, we'll invite 30-40 students to enroll in the Academy, maintaining close connections through community building, virtual meetings, mentorship, and tutoring in STEM subjects.

The FNSF Academy is designed as a nurturing environment, fostering robust relationships between First Nations youth, their peers, and mentors. It provides a unique space for students to explore the convergence of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and STEM, encouraging them to immerse themselves safely.

By annually integrating 30-40 passionate First Nations students into the Academy, guiding them with culturally sensitive STEM learning approaches, and following them through high school, we aim to significantly increase Indigenous representation in pivotal STEM professions such as engineering, medicine, and business.

"The First Nations STEM Futures Academembodies our commitment to empowering Indigenous youth by fostering a safe and encouraging space where the richness of Indigenous knowledge compliments western science. Through mentorship, community, and immersive experiences, we are sowing the seeds of a future where Indigenous voices and contributions can thrive in the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics."

- Melanie Howard, Director, Indigenous Futures in Engineering