Welcome! Congratulations on becoming a Teaching Assistant!

Being a teaching assistant means you have the possibility to change a student’s academic journey for the better. Students often look to their TAs for help with class material and guidance and support for the course in general. You are an important piece of the puzzle that leads to student success in university. You help clarify and solidify concepts, you give hands-on learners a chance to learn the material in a way that suits them best, and your passion in the subject may inspire a student to follow the same path as you. The work you do for the students, such as preparing material, giving them tips and advice on how to learn difficult concepts, and providing students with good feedback is critical for their growth and improvement as learners. At Queen’s Engineering, we look to provide students with the best experience and education they can get, and it is with your help that we can reach this goal and support the engineers of tomorrow.

Please confirm with your supervisor or review your Teaching Assistant Form to confirm if you are required to complete this training.

How it Works

You are encouraged to complete this training early in your TA contract. To be compensated, you must complete the training by June 5, 2024.

Content Paid Time Compensation Requirement
Module 1: Introduction 15 minutes Must have enrolled with Staff ID
Module 2: Job Specific Training 4.25 hours Must achieve 85% or higher on TAPD Test (grade is auto-submitted)
Module 3: Employer Specific Training AODA Suite (Accessible Customer Service, Access Forward, Human Rights 101, Accessible Instruction for Educators) 3.5 hours Submit record of completion for each of the 4 training elements
It Takes All of Us | Sexual Violence Prevention 1 hour Submit record of completion
Anti-Racism Training 1 hour Submit record of completion
Health and Safety Awareness 1.5 hours Achieve 75% on test, submit record of completion

Certificate of Completion

Upon the successful completion of the test and training, you are eligible to receive a  Certificate of Completion. You will be able to access the certificate in onQ and a copy will be sent to your email. Emails will be sent out approximately 3-5 weeks after the final deadline for submission of TAPD requirements.

Questions About the TA Training

If you have any questions about the TA Training, please contact the Engineering  Teaching and Learning Team at etlt@queensu.ca .


Self-register for the TA Training onQ page

1. Login to onQ using your STAFF NETID.


2. Navigate to the right side of the onQ homepage where it says Browse Self-Registration Courses and click "Browse Now".


3. Search for the course titled: “TAPD S24” in the Discover search bar. Once found, the course will be located below the search bar. Select the course.
Please search TAPD S24 in the Discover Bar in Brightspace D2L


4. Click on the "Request Approval" button.
Click the "Request Approval" button.


5. Type in the answer to the question then click "Submit Request".

Type your answer for "Are you TA'ing for Smith Engineering this semester?" into the box provided. 


6. It will say pending until an ETLT member approves your registration.

It will say "pending" until an ETLT member approves your registration.


7. Check for approved access to the course within 24 business hours, by clicking on the notification symbol in onQ.
Check for approved access to the course within 24 business hours by clicking on the notification symbol in onQ.


8. Begin the training modules.