Brian M. Frank, FCEEA, Ph.D., P.Eng

DuPont Canada Chair in Engineering Education Research and Development


Brian Frank is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the DuPont Canada Chair in Engineering Education Research and Development in Smith Engineering at Queen's. He works on engineering curriculum development, program assessment, and developing educational technology. He is currently supervising research projects including:
  • utility of using large language models to provide formative feedback to students on their complex problem solving
  • influences on student academic integrity choices in engineering
  • identifying framework for supporting transfer from engineering technology into engineering degree programs  

He is involved in several higher education research and development initiatives, including the Bay View Alliance, a consortium of research universities carrying out applied research on the leadership of cultural change for increasing the adoption of evidence-based teaching methods at universities. He is university lead on the NSF-funded TRESTLE project, working to transform large undergraduate courses. He was the co-primary investigator of the HEQCO-funded Learning Outcomes Assessment Consortium project at Queen's, and co-investigator on a project to pilot the Collegiate Learning Assessment at Queen's University. He was co-chair of the Physical Sciences panel of the HEQCO Sector-based Tuning project, developing proposals for learning outcomes in physical sciences, social sciences, and life and health sciences in Ontario. He has led several projects with ONCAT to develop supported pathways in Ontario between engineering technology and engineering degree programs. 

He is a co-founder, a past president, and Fellow of the Canadian Engineering Education Association whose mission is to "enhance the competence and relevance of graduates from Canadian Engineering schools through continuous improvement in engineering education and design education." He coordinated the Engineering Graduate Attribute Development Project, working with National Council of Deans of Engineering and Applied Science and the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board, to develop national guidelines and resources for outcomes assessment in engineering education. 

More information about his teaching and supervision activities are on his faculty profile, and publications are shown on his publications page.