Room 213

The Teaching Studio
  • Seats 90
  • Video distribution to four classroom screens from laptop and instructor's computer

The teaching studio has a circular configuration, contains 45 computer workstations, and is capable of seating 90 students. The studio is set up for pairs, and is wheelchair accessible on both levels. Faculty and teaching assistants can circulate freely to every position.

The teaching station includes a document camera, laptop hookup, and computer station with dual monitors, one for private work and the other for video distribution.

This method of teaching enhances student interest, clarifies theory through immediate application, and identifies gaps and misunderstandings quickly so that they can be readily corrected. The teaching studio is intended to allow the constant juxtaposition of lecturing and application. This can be thought of as just-in-time learning for practical activities or as opportunities to practice lecture material. There is, in the end, no distinction.