Test Equipment

The three plazas are equipped with standard electronic test equipment and are regularly used for electronics laboratories. See available software…

The labs are available for all applied science students to use if there is not a class in session. In the evenings and weekends they are available for further work on labs or projects and are supervised by Integrated Learning Constables. Additional test equipment is available for sign-out.

Audio-visual Equipment

  • General use equipment:
    • Data projectors
    • Overhead projectors
    • Wireless microphones for rooms 109, 213, 214, 313 and 314

Rules for Use

  • Equipment is for use by Applied Science students and faculty only
  • Short-term loans must remain within Beamish-Munro Hall unless specific permission has been granted.
  • Students must show their student card on request.
  • Any problems should be reported to the main office, or an iCon on duty.

Equipment Checkout and Return

Test equipment may be signed out with Reza Basirian (short or long term) or the iCons (short term only). Audio-visual equipment may be signed out at the Student Services office (Room 300). Equipment should be returned to Student Services during office hours or to the iCons at other times.

Reza Basirian - BMH 225, ext. 36029, reza.basirian@queensu.ca
Student Services Receptionist - BMH 300, ext. 32055, engineering.reception@queensu.ca