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Are you wondering what to expect in your first term in Smith Engineering? Get ready with our free online QEng Prep Program, designed to help you build your skills and confidence as you join the Smith Engineering community.

Find out what you need to know in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and programming – and take advantage of our self-guided modules and resources to prepare you for success!

Test Your Knowledge Before You Get Here

Designed in consultation with current professors, local secondary school teachers, and our expert teaching and learning team while leveraging years of experience with online course delivery, we have developed three separate diagnostic tests in the subjects of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. These diagnostic tests have been carefully crafted to highlight key concepts from the Grade 12 Ontario secondary school curriculum in mathematics, physics, and chemistry while ensuring alignment with our first-year engineering curriculum. Identify your strengths and areas for improvement by completing the diagnostic tests.

Self-Guided Online Modules

Four self-guided online modules have been developed for mathematics, physics, chemistry, and programming and will be delivered via onQ – the enterprise learning management system at Queen’s University. These free resources have been designed to emphasize key concepts, theories, and calculations, and provide reinforcement with self-check quizzes along the way. The online modules are delivered using a variety of mechanisms, including short readings, video clips, step-by-step calculations, and practice problems.

The key concepts covered in our diagnostic tests and self-guided online modules include:

  • math symbols


  • Trigonometric functions, logarithms and exponentials
  • Formal and geometric aspects of limits
  • Limits of elementary functions
  • Rates of change
  • Computing derivatives
  • Problem solving with derivatives
  • Vector properties
  • physics logo


  • Units of measure, common symbols
  • Vector addition, subtraction and multiplication
  • 2D kinematics, including projectile motion, free fall, circular motion, relative velocity
  • Newton’s Laws, including pulleys, inclined planes, friction and springs
  • Work and energy
  • Conservation of momentum and collisions
  • chemistry vials


  • Organic chemistry and nomenclature
  • Atomic structure, the periodic table and Bonding theory
  • Quantum mechanics and electron configuration
  • Thermodynamics and rates of reaction
  • Le Châtelier’s Principle and equilibrium
  • Acids, bases and oxidation-reduction reactions
  • computer code sign


  • Why are computers and programming important
  • What are binary numbers
  • Simple programs
  • Decision making with conditional logic
  • How to avoid repetitive code with loops

Access and Registration

The program will be available to all incoming first-year Engineering students by the end of July 2023. After you have been assigned your unique student identifier (NetID) and loaded into your first-year courses, you will be automatically enrolled in the program in your onQ portal. Stay tuned for an email later this summer letting you know when you can get started on QEng Prep!

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