Course Number/Title
ELEC 221: Electric Circuits
ELEC 224: Continuous-Time Signals and Systems
ELEC 252: Electronics I
ELEC 270: Discrete Mathematics with Computer Engineering Applications
ELEC 271: Digital Systems
ELEC 274: Computer Architecture
ELEC 278: Fundamentals of Information Structures
ELEC 279: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
ELEC 280: Fundamentals of Electromagnetics
ELEC 290: Electrical and Computer Engineering Design and Practice
ELEC 292: Introduction to Data Science
ELEC 324: Discrete-Time Signals and Systems
ELEC 326: Probability and Random Processes
ELEC 333: Electric Machines
ELEC 344: Sensors and Actuators
ELEC 345: Sensor Fabrication Technologies
ELEC 353: Electronics II
ELEC 371: Microprocessor Interfacing and Embedded Systems
ELEC 372: Numerical Methods and Optimization
ELEC 373: Computer Networks I
ELEC 374: Digital Systems Engineering
ELEC 376: Software Development Methodology
ELEC 377: Operating Systems
ELEC 379: Algorithms with Engineering Applications
ELEC 381: Applications of Electromagnetics
ELEC 390: Principles of Design and Development
ELEC 408: Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
ELEC 409: Bioinformatic Analyticst
ELEC 421: Digital Signal Processing: Filters and System Design
ELEC 422: Digital Signal Processing: Random Models and Applications
SOFT 423: Software Requirements
ELEC 425: Machine Learning and Deep Learning
ELEC 431: Power Electronics
ELEC 433: Energy and Power Systems
ELEC 436: Electric Machines and Control
SOFT 437: Software Performance Analysis
ELEC 443: Linear Control Systems
ELEC 444: Modeling and Computer Control of Mechatronic Systems
ELEC 448: Introduction to Robotics: Mechanics and Control
ELEC 451: Digital Integrated Circuit Engineering
ELEC 454: Analog Electronics
ELEC 457: Integerated Circuits and System Applications
ELEC 461: Digital Communications
ELEC 464: Wireless Communications
ELEC 470: Computer System Architecture
ELEC 472: Artificial Intelligence
ELEC 473: Cryptography and Network Security
ELEC 474: Machine Vision
ELEC 475: Computer Vision with Deep Learning
ELEC 477: Distributed Systems
ELEC 481: Applications of Photonics
ELEC 483: Microwave and RF Circuits and Systems
ELEC 486: Fiber Optic Communications
ELEC 490: Electrical Engineering Project
ELEC 497: Research Project
ELEC 498: Computer Engineering Project