ELEC 490 is a project based course that requires independent and co-operative work. Students propose, design, build, test and present a viable project that produces a trangible result. Here are a few of the highlights.

Satellite Tracker and Downlink System

Created by: Christopher Pegrum, Ben Merriam, Daniel Balicki
Supervisor: Dr. Carlos Saavedra

This group designed a system that is able to communicate and retrieve data from a variety of different satellites.

Anti-Drone Defence System

Created by: Alec Glover, Alex Spafford, Michael Dowling, Michael Briggs
Supervisor: Dr. Carlos Saavedra

This group designed an attack drone that takes out other drones that are flying in unauthorized airspace.

Wi-Wait: Wireless Occupancy Tracking Tool

Created by: Ezequiel Angius, Vasa Shpatrov, Gavin McClelland, Jaimie Kidson
Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Dean

This group designed a device that measures the occupancy level of an area by using devices’ wifi signals.

Smart and Autonomous Management of a Solar Microgrid

Created by: Christopher Biancaniello, Jemima Khan
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Greenspan

This group designed a machine learning model for autonomous control of solar microgrid battery storage.

Predicting Stock Prices with Tweets

Created by: Shihao Lu, Tingkai Zhang, Faneng Xia, Yuhan Dai
Supervisor: Dr. Xiaodan Zhu

This group designed an interactive algorithm which uses Twitter data to predict stock prices.

Facial Recognition Security System

Created by: Jessica Nahulan, David O'Reilly, Mohammed Tajwar, Muhammad Majeed, Emily Heffernan
Supervisor: Dr. Steven Blostein

This group designed a facial recognition security system which strengthens itself over time using machine learning.

Human Mapped Robotic Arm

Created by: Daniel Borisov, Johan Cornelissen, Maytha Nassor, Jeremy Weiss, Daniel Borisov
Supervisor: Dr. Evelyn Morin

This group designed a robotic arm controlled by the motions of a human arm wearing special sensors.

Ultralens: Location-based AR Mobile App

Created by: Dylan Chiu, Jensen Grant-Nunn, JP McCluskey, Johan Cornelissen
Supervisor: Dr. Ying Zou

This group designed a location based augmented reality messaging and photo sharing mobile application for iOS.

Augmented Basketball TrainerAugmented Basketball Trainer

Created by: Pascal Michaud, Robert Roughley, Raphael Nelson, David Le, Jonah Chin
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Greenspan

This group designed an augmented reality basketball trainer which allows players to further analyze their shot and make improvements based off of the data.

Custom Robotic Gripping System

Created by: Aaron Nicholas, Aidan Gunda, Ghani Iawal, Sam Mason
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Greenspan

This group designed a robot with individual join control and pressure sensing feedback. The autonomous gripping system is a low cost option and can be added to existing robots.

Parallel Parking Robot

Created by: Kin Yee, Martin Keyes, David Marcuccio, Devin Suh
Supervisor: Dr. Naraig Manjikian

This robot uses three sensors to solve the issue of having to parallel park. It searches for a spot, positions itself correctly and pulls in. Say goodbye to fender benders!

Tube Amplifier

Created by: Mitch Guichon, Casey Hawley, Ben Taylor
Supervisor: Dr. Al Freundorfer

Using vaccum tube technology, these tube amps are capable of a wide range of dynamics and broad band spectrum. The music they produce is pleasant and warm!

Bin Picking Robot

Created by: Ryan Downling, Jordan Nanos, Nick Van Nynatten
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Greenspan

Motivated by the Amazon bin picking challenge, this group created a handy roboto that can sort objects using a QR code.