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  • [Dec 2022] Our paper "Constrained Bandit Learning with Switching Costs for Wireless Networks" got accepted to the IEEE INFOCOM 2023 (Acceptance rate: 19.2%).
  • [Nov 2022] Congratulations to Mahdi on receiving the IEEE Globecom 2022 student travel grant.
  • [May 2022] MASc student Mahdi was invited to speak at Flower Summit 2022 on Communication-efficient Federated Learning with Autoencoder Compression.
  • [March 2022] Congratulations to undergraduate student Bill Zhang on receiving a Charles Allan Thompson Award for Summer 2022.
  • [March 2022] Congratulations to Juaren and Mahdi on receiving the IEEE INFOCOM 2022 student conference grant.
  • [Feb 2022] Our paper "Multi-frame Scheduling for Federated Learning over Energy-Efficient 6G Wireless Networks" got accepted to the IEEE INFOCOM 2022 workshop on Pervasive Network Intelligence for 6G Networks.
  • [Dec 2021] Our paper "Learning from Delayed Semi-Bandit Feedback under Strong Fairness Guarantees" got accepted to the IEEE INFOCOM 2022 (Acceptance rate: 19.9%).
  • [Dec 2021] PhD student Juaren Steiger received Mitacs Globalink Research Award. Congratulations to Juaren. 
  • Foundations: networking, computing, and learning for wireless networks
  • Applications: IoT, 5G and beyond, connected vehicles

PhD Students

  • Juaren Steiger (May 2021)
  • Md. Mahfujul Kadir (Jan 2021)

Master Students

  • Mahdi Beitollahi (Jan 2021)
  • Kasra Khalafi  (Sept 2021)
  • Golnaz Bashirian (Jan 2022)
  • Bill Zhang (Sept 2022)

Undergraduate Students

  • Alastor Liu (Jan 2022 - Aug 2022)
  • Bill Zhang (May 2022 - Aug 2022)
  • J. Steiger, B. Li, and N. Lu, "Learning from Delayed Semi-Bandit Feedback under Strong Fairness Guarantees," In Proc. IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM), May 2022. [Acceptance rate: 19.9%]
  • G. Liu, W. Quan, N. Cheng, N. Lu, H. Zhang, and X. Shen, "P4NIS: A P4-based Network Immune System Against Eavesdropping Attacks," Proc. IEEE Infocom'20 Workshop on New IP: The Next Step, Toronto, Canada, July 6-9, 2020.
  • X. Kong, N. Lu, B. Li, "Optimal Scheduling for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Networks with Flow-Level Dynamics," IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (Early Access), November 2019.
  • N. Lu, Y. Zhou, C. Shi, N. Cheng, L. Cai, and B. Li, "Planning while flying: a measurement-aided dynamic planning of drone small cells," IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 2693-2705, 2018.
  • N. Lu, B. Ji, and B. Li, "Age-based Scheduling: Improving Data Freshness for Wireless Real-Time Traffic," Proceedings of ACM MobiHoc 2018, Los Angeles, California, USA, June 2018.
  • N. Cheng, W. Xu, W. Shi, Y. Zhou, N. Lu, H. Zhou, and X. Shen, "Air-ground integrated mobile edge networks: architecture, challenges and opportunities," IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 56, No. 8, pp. 25-32, 2018.