Welcome to the Advanced Multidimensional Signal Processing Laboratory. This Laboratory is located in 6th floor of Walter Light Hall in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Queen's University, at Kingston.

Our address is:

Queen's University at Kingston, Walter Light Hall,
Rooms: 712 and 714
Advanced Multidimensional Signal Processing Laboratory,
Kingston, Ontario,
K7L 3N6 Canada.
Tel +1 613-533-6068
Fax +1 613-533-6615

Recent Graduates Visiting Scholars
  • Khalid AlSuhaili, PHD
  • Saeed Akhavan Astaneh, PHD
  • Siavash Fazeli-Dehkordy, MSC
  • R. Sudirga, MSC
  • Hossein Rabbani, PHD
  • Abbas Taherpour, PHD
  • S. Seyedin, PHD
  • Peng Liu, PHD
  • X. Yang, MSC
  • N.Reisi, PHD
  • M. R. Oularbi, PHD
  • S. Moradi, 2007, M.Sc., Multiple Description Coding: Proposed Methods and Video Application, PhD student, UofT.
  • A. Honarvar, 2007, M.Sc., A Low Feedback Robust Opportunistic Scheduler and Beamformer for MISO Wireless Systems, PhD student, UofT.
  • S. Zarrin, 2007, M.Sc., Limited-Feedback Transmit Diversity Schemes: Proposed Methods and Impact of Feedback Delay and Channel Estimation Errors , PhD student, UofT,
  • A. Heidarbarghi , 2006, MSc, A New Direct Digital-to-RF Architecture and Some Implementation Issues, PhD student, UofT.
  • A. A. Tadaion, 2006, Ph.D., Detection and Parameter Estimation of Communication Signals, Assistant Professor, Yazd University,
  • N. A. A. Abu Ali , 2006, PhD, A Framework for Resource Management of VPLS Connections over MPLS Core Networks.
  • L. Golipour, M.Sc., 2006, On Cochlea Signal Processing: Auditory Spectrum, Cochlea Frequency Selectivity and Masking Property, INRS .
  • R. Rashidi Far, 2005, PhD, Signal Spectral Analysis with Application in Speech Processing, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Queen's University,
  • H. R. S. Rad 2005, PhD, Space-Time-Frequency Characterization of MIMO Outdoor Radio Propagation Channels, PDF at Harvard University,
  • A. Antoszkiewicz, 2005, M.Sc., Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Packet Loss Concealment (PLC) by redundant transmission of speech information, Advanced Multidimensional Signal Processing Laboratory (MSPL), employee of NSERC.
  • T. Liu, 2003, PhD, New Adaptive Algorithms for Colored and Nonstationary Environments, A.U.G. Signals Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, www.augsignals.com
  • Dr. C. Hao
  • Dr. A. S. Karar
  • Dr. Mehrzad Biguesh
  • Mr. Hamid Danesh-Pajoohnezhad
  • Dr. P. Liu
  • Dr. Hossein Rabbani
  • Dr. A. Abedi
  • S. Razaghzadeh
  • Dr. K. Shahtalebi
  • Dr. M. Karimi Gartemani