Julian Ortiz PhD, P.Eng., Competent Person (Mining Commission, CHILE)

Associate Professor

Mining Engineering, Faculty
Phone: 613-533-2910
Goodwin Hall, Room: Room 332

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Expertise: Geostatistics, stochastic modeling of ore deposits, sampling and QA QC, geometallurgical modelling
Julian Ortiz
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Dr. Ortiz is a Mining Engineer from Universidad de Chile, and PhD in Mining Engineering (Geostatistics) from University of Alberta. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining at Queen’s University, where he teaches geostatistics and surface mining courses, and conducts research related to geostatistics, stochastic modelling of ore deposits, sampling and QA QC, and geometallurgical modelling. Previously, he worked as an Associate Professor at the Department of Mining Engineering at Universidad de Chile, where he was Head of the Department, from 2012 to 2014. He was also Deputy Director of the Advanced Mining Technology Center, and Director of ALGES lab, concerned with software development for ore body modeling. He has also been involved in training of professionals through many short courses in professional development programs

Dr. Ortiz directs the Predictive Geometallurgy and Geostatistics Lab, which deals with geostatistics, stochastic modelling of ore deposits, sampling and QA QC, and geometallurgical modelling.
The research focusses on modeling the properties of ore deposits by use of geostatistical methods. This involves linking the geological features logged in samples obtained in drilling campaigns with domains for spatial modeling, characterizing the relationships between distinct characteristics of the ore (such as mineralogy, grades, geological and geometallurgical properties) to model their behavior in space, and the uncertainty associated with these models.
Furthermore, these models relate to downstream processes, therefore, the parameters for these processes can be optimized to manage the risk due to the uncertain properties of the materials that are fed into them.
  • MINE 341 – Open Pit Mining
  • MINE 467 – Geostatistics and Ore Body Modeling
  • MINE 834 – Advanced Geostatistics for Modeling Uncertanty in the Earth Sciences
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