The Hydrotechnical Group research includes the areas of lake dynamics, fluvial hydraulics, river engineering, coastal engineering and water distribution systems. A common theme in many of these areas is sediment motion, which requires the application of fluid mechanics, physical modelling and mathematical modelling to both steady and oscillating conditions. Research is also underway into the evaluation and mitigation of short and long term anthropogenic impacts on rivers, lakes and estuaries, including physical impacts such as channel incision, increased bank erosion, etc., and environmental impacts such as hypoxia, harmful algae blooms and loss of quality of the aquatic environment for animal species. Further research topics include coastal hydrodynamics and power generation, and long term coastal erosion and protection. Extensive experimental research, carried out at the Coastal Engineering Laboratory, and advanced numerical modeling are used, and often conducted in collaboration with faculty in other areas of civil engineering (environmental, geotechnical and structural), other departments at Queen's (Mechanical Engineering, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and Statistics) and other research institutes (National Water Research Institute and National Research Council).

Leon Boegman

  • Environmental fluid dynamics
  • Physical limnology and water-quality
  • Shoaling internal solitary waves
  • Turbulence in stratified flows
  • Hydrodynamic modelling
  • Coastal oceanography
  • Quantitative imaging techniques

Ana Maria da Silva

  • Sediment Transport
  • River Morphology
  • Hydraulic Physical Modeling
  • Numerical Modeling

Yves Filion

  • Climate Change Mitigation in Drinking Water Systems
  • Climate Change Adaptation in Drinking Water Systems
  • Sustainable Water Re-Use for Non-Potable Applications
  • Enhanced Disease Surveillance and Protection in Drinking Water Systems
  • Nutrient and Pollutant Removal in Bioretention Systems in Cold Climates

Ryan Mulligan

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Wave and hydrodynamic modelling
  • Physical oceanography
  • Morphodynamic and sediment transport processes

Jason Olsthoorn

  • Environmental mixing processes
  • Sediment transport
  • Laboratory-data assimilation
  • Winter mixing processes
  • Internal solitary waves
  • Stratified turbulence