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The HMRL is located within Hotel Dieu Hospital, ideally situated in close proximity to orthopaedic clinics, the Skeletal Observation Laboratory and the Laboratory of Integrative Motor Behaviour. The HMRL fosters interdisciplinary collaborations between engineering, orthopaedics, and rehabilitation that are essential to the focus and innovation of research and translation of knowledge into clinically important applications.

Gait analysis in the HMRL

The sophisticated equipment of the HMRL allows researchers to analyze joint angles, oxygen consumption, joint loading and muscle activation during everyday activities. The HMRL provides the necessary infrastructure needed for Queen’s to become a world leader in this new area of health care research. 

Our laboratory consists of two motion capture collection volumes. The main volume is a large 50' x 25' open area surrounded by marker-based and markerless motion capture camera systems and includes four ground-embedded force platforms. From the control desk, we are able to record motion capture, ground reaction force, and electromyography data while research participants perform dynamic tasks. The secondary volume features a dual-belt instrumented treadmill surrounded by another marker-based motion capture system, allowing us to collect data during steady-state walking or running. Between these two collection volumes we are able to study a wide array of activities, including tasks of daily living such as walking and stair ambulation to dynamic athletic tasks such as jumping and cross-cutting maneuvers.


architectural image of the HMRL


Research in the HMRL