Our students and researchers are critical in moving the mining industry forward to meet the global economy and rapidly evolving technology. Working closely with industry partners, our faculty and students work to improve mining operations’ efficiency, sustainability, safety, and cost.

Our graduate programs are designed to produce engineers and specialists qualified to assess, design, and operate underground and open-pit mines, develop and operate complex processing plants, and evaluate and maintain the mechanical equipment used in mining or processing facilities. In addition, our graduate programs focus on the broader field of excavation and processing of ore to obtain the mineral products our society relies on.

Degree Offerings


Social Performance Management in the Extractive Industries (SPMEI)

Explore the relationships around the extractive industries in this four-course graduate diploma program. You will examine the relationships between industry, Indigenous communities, government, and the environment.

SPMEI Program Information

Master of Engineering (MEng)

Are you looking to refine your mining engineering knowledge? Then, gain a competitive edge in today’s job market with our Master of Engineering program. This one-year, coursework-based program will prepare you to solve broad problems in the mining industry.

MEng Program Information


Master of Applied Science (MASc)

Work under the mentorship of one of our leading mining engineering researchers. This two-year, research-based program will strengthen your problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

MASc Program Information

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Take your mining engineering knowledge to the highest degree with our PhD program. This program involves four term courses beyond the master’s degree, a comprehensive examination, and a successfully defended thesis.

PhD Program Information