The Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining is located in Goodwin Hall, with lecture, laboratory, and study facilities.

Our on-campus laboratories include a Rock Mechanics laboratory, Mine Environment laboratory, Computer Planning facilities, and several Mineral Processing laboratories. Our department also operates an Explosive Test Site in Hinchinbrooke Township, near Kingston.


Our laboratories are fully equipped for all our programs. We also have extensive equipment for advanced studies and research in various areas of research interest. The Department of Mining's laboratories are:

  • Automation and Robotics
  • Explosives and Blasting
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation
  • Microwave Extraction
  • Mineral Processing
  • Open Pit Mine Design
  • Ore Reserves and Grade Control
  • Rock Mechanic
  • Soft Rock Mechanics
  • Underground Mine Design
  • Ventilation Laboratory

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Computer Labs

Two computer labs are available to all students, with one main teaching lab and one workroom. Each space has computers with all the programs students need to complete assignments- from Microsoft Office to sophisticated design software such as Surpac, Whittle, and Talpac.

Shop Equipment

Shop facilities available to all rock-mechanics-oriented research staff include:

  • A large diameter diamond slab saw
  • A portable diamond coring drill
  • A metal and rock lathe
  • Assorted grinding tools

This equipment is designed to be used primarily to prepare rock samples for rock mechanics structural testing either by the rock mechanics technician or by trained and qualified students. In addition, a limited amount of metal and wood fabrication equipment is maintained within the department. If these materials need to be machined, the work is contracted out to other departments or commercial facilities.