The Heat Transfer Laboratory operates under the direction of Patrick H. Oosthuizen. It undertakes basic and applied research on a wide variety of problems involving convective heat transfer. The work of the laboratory has resulted in the publication of more than 600 technical papers and more than 70 graduate students have undertaken their research in the Laboratory.

Among the projects Q'Heat is currently involved with or has recently completed are:

  • An experimental study of the development of three-dimensional flow in apparently two-dimensional phase change situations
  • Numerical study of unsteady double diffusive natural convection
  • Measurement of heat transfer rates in various types of base flow
  • Numerical studies of effective methods of using porous insulation materials
  • Development of finite element solutions procedures for convective heat transfer problems

A full list of recent publications that have originated from the work of the Laboratory is available on request. The Heat transfer laboratory also offers assistance to industry and has been involved with a wide range of development problems that involve heat transfer.

For more information about the work of the Laboratory please contact P.H. Oosthuizen at

Updated Jan 2013