The Explosion Physics and Prevention Laboratory operates under the direction of Prof. Gabriel Ciccarelli. The laboratory is located at Queen's University McLaughlin Hall, room 109D.

Heated detonation tube: Stainless steel 6.1 m long, 10 cm inner-diameter Custom Cooperheat heating system, Five zone ceramic pad heaters cover entire tube Instrument ports spaced at 30.5 cm along the top Spark ignition for flame acceleration studies Gas driver system for direct initiation of detonation Separate heated mixing chamber with magnetic stirrer Pneumatic valves controlled via Lab View software NI PCI-6133 DAQ system, 8 channels at 3MHz/ch

heated tube_edit.png

Combustion channel with optical section: Aluminum 6061-T6, 7.6 cm square inner x-sect Up to eight interchangeable 61 cm long modules One optical module: 7.6 cm x 45 cm window Instrumentation ports on top and bottomSingle-pass schlieren with Photron S-5 cameraSeparate mixing chamber with stirrer Capacitive discharge ignition system NI PCI-6133 DAQ, 8 channels at 3MHz/ch  

Shock tube with optical access: Driver: 1.96 m long , 10 cm ID, 1.91 cm wall, 100 bar max. Driven: Two 1.91 m long, 7.6 cm square cross-section75 cm long profiled round-square transition section. Quick opening double diaphragm assembly. Custom diaphragm die press61 cm long optical sections capable 20 bar overpressure. Separate heated mixing chamber with magnetic stirrer NI PCI-6133 acquisition system, 8 channels at 3MHz/ch.