To fully understand the interactions between a user and an external device, a multidisciplinary approach, including modeling/simulation, design optimzation, and human experiments, is required.   Bio-Mechantronics and Robotics Laboratory (BMRL) uses these strategies in designing biomechanical energy harvesters and exoskeletons, studying load carriage, and developing inertial sensor-based algorithms for human movement analysis.   


Dr. Qingguo Li (PI)

Current Lab Members

  • Jun-Tian Zhang (PDF)
  • Michael Shepertycky (PDF)
  • Adam Thompson (MSc. student)
  • Johann von Tiesenhausen (MSc. student)
  • Madeline Bond (SWEP summer student)
  • Samuel Brost (NSERC USRA)
  • Charlie Drysdale (NSERC USRA)