MECH 898 is the optional Master's project available to MEng students. Students can enroll in this course at any time, but it is recommended for the Summer term. MECH 898 requires a supervisor and is marked a "pass/fail".

These are examples of previous projects available to MEng students. Please contact your professor/supervisor for details on current projects.

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Cartilage Deformation and Joint Forces in the CMC Joint

Supervisor: Mike Raindow

The saddle-shaped thumb carpometacarpal (CMC) joint contributes to the wide range of motion in the human thumb. However, the articular geometry that makes this joint highly mobile may also predispose it to instability and osteoarthritis (OA). CMC OA affects 15% of adults older than 30 years and 66% of women older than 55 years, making the CMC joint the most frequent site of OA in the hand. The pain and inflammation that accompany thumb CMC OA render daily activities difficult and lead to substantial impairment in the upper extremity. Improved understanding of the function of the CMC joint should provide insight into the effect of mechanics on the pathogenesis of CMC OA and, ultimately, influence its diagnosis and treatment.

It has been theorized that OA pathogenesis is elicited by increased joint contact forces. Unfortunately, computation of joint contact forces in the CMC joint remains challenging. This is partly due to the small thickness of cartilage in the wrist (~0.5 mm) and insufficient data on wrist cartilage material properties during physiologic loading. The purpose of this study is to image a cadaveric CMC joint while it is loaded in physiologic positions. Using micro-computed tomography (μCT) and a mechanical testing device we will examine cartilage deformation with micron level accuracy, compute joint contact forces, and establish methods to compute these parameters using clinical CT.

Crack Detection in Stamped and Welded Auto-parts using Vibration Measurements

Supervisor: Chris Mechefske
Industry Sponsor: Van-Rob Stamping

Van-Rob Stamping makes a wide range of stamped and welded parts for the automotive industry. In one of their processes cracks randomly appear in the part at deep draw and/or weld locations. These parts are not suitable for use and need to be discarded. The goal of this project is to investigate vibration measurements as a way to detect these faulty parts (replacing visual inspections). The project will involve the search for a suitable measurement and detection protocol as well as the design and testing of a prototype inspection cell that could be incorporated into the production process.

Miniature pumps for IOP Control and Drug Delivery

Supervisor: Yong Jun Lai
Industry Sponsor: Hotel Dieu Hospital

Intraocular pressure (IOP) is one of the most critical factors that affect our vision. High IOP due to malfunctioned eye drainage system often induce loss of vision. This project is to design and prototype a set of miniature pumps which can be used to deliver liquid (aqueous humor or medicine) in an ultra low volume for the purpose of medical treatment.