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MECH 897 and 997

Each research graduate student is required to regularly attend the graduate seminar program. Students may have the choice of attending the seminars in either Nicol Hall or McLaughlin Hall. A bio seminar may also be available. The students will decide with their Faculty Supervisor within which seminar series they will present their research. The department requires students to give at least one seminar during their program at Queen's. This will not happen during the first year of your MASc or the 1st and 2nd year of your PhD program.

Masters (MASc) students are required to take MECH-897 and doctoral (PhD) students are required to take MECH-997.

The content of the seminar is to be developed in cooperation with the student's supervisor. The seminar will be evaluated by invited faculty members, typically three, and a "pass" or "needs to repeat" decision will be recorded. The student must obtain a majority of pass grades for the markers to clear this course requirement. The evaluation process for the seminar is defined in the departmental procedures. These courses carries no course credit but are a mandatory degree requirement in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

Seminars will be held Thursdays at 1:30 in McLaughlin Room 315 and on Tuesdays at 11:30 in Nicol Hall Room 321.

All scheduling, signing-up and conflict related matters should be addressed to the corresponding Seminar Teaching Assistant (TA).

  • If the conflict is because of your TA duties or the course you are taking, you must attend the alternate seminar series - McLaughlin Hall or Nicol Hall.
  • For research related conflicts, the email must be copied to your supervisor.
  • For one-time absenses (i.e. illness), please contact your relevant TA as soon as possible.


McLaughlin Hall

  • Dr. Il Yong Kim - Graduate Seminar Faculty Advisor McLaughlin Hall (Course Structure issues)
  • TBA - Graduate seminar TA in McLaughlin Hall (Scheduling issues, Absences, etc)

Nicol Hall

  • Dr. Zhongwen Yao- Graduate Seminar Faculty Advisor Nicol Hall (Course Structure issues)
  • TBA - Graduate seminar TA in Nicol Hall (Scheduling issues, Absences, etc)