The Motion Analysis Laboratory operates under the joint direction of U.P. Wyss (Mechanical Engineering) and P.A. Costigan (School of Physical and Health Education). It is located in the basement of the Apps Medical Research Center in Kingston General Hospital. It was set-up mainly to study upper and lower extremity motion (and forces) during walking, stairclimbing and other activities of daily living of normal subjects, and persons before and after surgical and non-surgical treatment.


  • one three-dimensional OPTOTRAK 3020 motion tracking system
  • one AMTI force platform for level walking
  • one AMTI force platform for stairclimbing
  • EMG recording equipment
  • walkway, staircase

Past and Current Projects

The following is a list of completed projects related to the Motion Analysis Laboratory supervised by Dr. Wyss.

  • Kevin Deluzio, M.Sc.: The validation of a three-dimensional dynamic knee assessment system.
  • Tanya Packer, Ph.D.: Motion Analysis of the Elbow during Standing. Currently a Professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Occupational Therapy.
  • Jian Li, Ph.D.: An integrated Gait Analysis System (QGAIT) for Evaluation of Individual Loading Patterns at Knee Joint during Gait. Currently working for IBM China in Beijing.
  • Lynne Kamibayashi, Ph.D.: Kinematic and Kinetic Factors during Gait and Cancellous Bone Remodeling of the Tibial Plateau in Osteoarthritis of the Knee Joint. Currently working for Novartis in Basel, Switzerland.
  • Kevin Deluzio, Ph.D.: Modeling and Analysis of Gait Waveforms. Currently holds a NSREC post-doc scholarship, and is working at Queen's and at The Biomechanics Laboratory of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

The following is a list of on-going projects involving the Motion Analysis Laboratory. Some are also partly coordinated by Dr. U.P. Wyss.

  • looking at gait before and after knee replacement surgery
  • assessment of knee braces and a prosthetic foot for developing countries
  • detection of early signs of Osteoarthritis (OA) in an elderly population
  • study of the influence of early intervention to the progression of OA

If you are thinking of applying to the Queen's Graduate School and are interested in pursuing a project in the area of motion analysis, then please send a letter of interest along with a resume to Dr. U.P. Wyss (