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I am always seeking well qualified individuals who are interested in Fluid Dynamics

Please contact me (, or come and see me in McLaughlin Hall Room 208. Opportunities exist not only at the M.Sc and Ph.D levels, but also for talented undergraduate students who are interested in working for me during the summer. The thesis topics listed below and the current publications are available to give a flavour of the work conducted in the lab. I have had the honour to supervise over 40 graduate and post-doc students. To provide a flavour of the research topics, sample theses titles are given below.

For more information about graduate studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, click here.

Some Recent Post Docs

  • Dr. Liang Wei (2009-2011) <Now PDF at University of Iowa>
  • Dr. Abdul-Monsif Shinneeb (2009-2011) <Now PDF at University of Windsor>
  • Dr. Hachimi Fellouah (2007-2009) <Now Professor, U. Sherebrook>
  • Dr. Guillaume Fournier (2006-2008) <Now Professor U. Evry, France>
  • Dr. Mesbah Uddin (2002-2005) <Now Professor, U. North Carolina, Charlotte>

Recent Ph.D.


  • Rob. Andrews - Photovoltaic system performance enhancement: Validated modeling methodologies for the improvement of PV system design (co-supervised with Prof. J. Pearce, now at Mich. Tech. Uni)
  • Frank Secretain - Ultrasound measurements in fluid mechanics (expected in 2015)


  • Mohammad Mojab - Experimental and numerical study of flow within spacer-filled channels


  • Abbas Dorostkar - Three-dimensional dynamics of nonlinear internal waves (co-sup. with Prof. Boegman, Civil Engg, Queen's)


  • Dustin Bespalko - Validation of the lattice Boltzmann method for direct numerical simulation of wall-bounded turbulent flows


  • Hassan Raiesi - Theory and simulation of separated boundary layers and turbulence induced secondary motion


  • Liang Wei - Direct Numerical Simulation of Compressible and Incompressible Wall Bounded Turbulent Flows with Pressure Gradients

Recent M.Sc.


  • Paul Werden - Evaluation of Energy Systems for Distributed Green Data Centres using Lifetime Cash Flow Analysis


  • Jamie Davis - Low carbon fuels in the cement industry: biogenic carbon determination methods and quantification of dioxins and furans
  • Geoffrey Leslie - The spontanseous combustion of railway ties and asphalt shingles
  • Dan Nicksy - Design specifications for the development of a continuous pelletising process for the production of spherical, torrified biomass pellets


  • Hamed Sadeghi - Effects of initial conditions on turbulence length scale and energy distributions in the near to intermediate field of a round free jet


  • Andrew Duncan - Densified biomass as a fuel source: a new pellet for new possibilities
  • Alireza Mahdavifar - Direct numerical simulation of flow and mass transfer in spacer-filled channels