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Andrew Duncan


Andrew Duncan successfully defended his M.A.Sc. thesis in June 2010. His thesis considered torriefied biomass.

Mr. Uddipta Ghosh, from IIT India joined Ph.D. candidate Frank Secretain and Prof. Pollard for a summer internship. Mr. Ghosh was funded through the MITACS programme and the Government of Canada. He is assisting Mr. Secretain on his fluid mechanics research associated with open heart surgery. We are working with anaesthesiologists and cardiac surgeons at Kingston General Hospital.


Dr. Adbul-Monsif Shinneeb and Prof. Pollard are discussing a new particle image velocimetry experimental campaign for flow inside a model human upper airway. We are currently using planar and stereo PIV with proper orthogonal decomposition to explore the dynamics of the separated flow inside this complex geometry.


Dr. Liang Wei and two Ph.D. candidates Mr. Hassan Raiesi and Mr. Dustin Bespalko examine some of their Direct Numerical Simulation results on a visualisation computer that is linked to a 20 Terabyte raid array. Data are generated on HPCVL.