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Prof. Pollard teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in the field of fluid dynamics. They include:

PLEASE NOTE: As at January 1, 2017 Professor Pollard no longer does any formal teaching.


MECH 330 - Thermodynamics II

In this course complex thermodynamics systems are considered. In 2014, the Ontario government has announced that all coal-fired electrical generation stations are to be closed. What are the alternatives, how can we make better use of energy for heat and power; and with the increased emphasise on renewable and sustainable energy, this course will help prepare students to deal with some of these vexing issues as well as to introduce you to heating, ventilation and air conditioning principles and some basic combustion theory. Prerequisite: MECH 230.

MECH 441 - Fluid Mechanics III

Topics will include: General development of equations of motion of incompressible fluids; exact solutions for laminar flows; stability and transition; laminar and turbulent boundary layers; drag reduction. (0/0/0/24/24) Prerequisite MECH 341.

MECH 933 - Numerical Modelling of Transport Phenomena

Governing equations; laws of flux and sources; modelling of physical processes such as turbulence, species transport etc. Finite volume methods, including discretisation and higher-order differencing schemes; solution methods; examples.

MECH 941 - Turbulent Flow

Introduction; Reynolds averaging; turbulent transport equations; turbulence modelling; statistics and dynamics of turbulence; turbulence diffusion; structure of turbulent flows; numerical and experimental methods.