Leila Notash, PhD, PEng, FEC

For Councillor-at-Large

A Proud PEO Volunteer for 20 years (since 2003)


Highlights of My Contributions as ARC Chair




I am pleased that now applicants can upload their application files online. Though, going beyond this first step has been very slow as, for the past some years, governance topic had hijacked Council's mandate.


With the support and contributions of ARC members, as the Chair of ARC, I prepared the Response of ARC on the PEO's 2018-2020 Strategic Plan: Protect, Engage, Advance in June 2018.  One of the ARC recommendations called for improving the licensing process and an accelerated successful transition to an online licensing system (with adequate budget) to expedite the application process, further enhance the experience and satisfaction of applicants by providing instant info on the applications and their progress, improving communications....


As a faculty member, I care about the future of accreditation and have been following diligently the pertinent communications regarding assessment methodology and curriculum content measurement.

As the Chair of ARC, I participated in the Accreditation Forum organized by the Engineers Canada (EC). I listened attentively to the views of the representatives from Higher Educational Institutions, Accreditation Board and Regulators. Being a Councillor-at-Large, provided an opportunity for me to share the various points of view with the Council. As a Councillor and PEO Rep, I am currently serving on the EC’s Regulator Advisory Group.

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I am a good listener, and an active and informed councillor. I have always fought to maintain PEO's relevance in a changing world through

Trust, Transparency and Accountability.


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