• Development of New Vibration Based Machine Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools
  • A New Gear Condition Monitoring Technique based on Accurate Rotational Position Measurements
  • Machinery Diagnostics Applied to Industrial Equipment
  • Reducing the Noise and Vibration in Aircraft Fuselage

Graduate Students

All the graduate students listed below are currently involved with research projects.

  • Marc-Andre Hunealt (MASc Candidate) - Multi-Sensor Data Analytics and Edge Computing for Machine Fault Detection and Diagnostics
  • Christian Aloise (MASc Candidate) - Data Analytics for Machine Fault Detection and Diagnosis
  • Katie Newman (MASc Candidate) - Hybrid Models for Data Analytics and Edge Computing for Machine Fault Detection and Diagnosis
  • Gavin McClelland (MASc Candidate) - Digital Twin for Process Bottle-Neck Monitoring
  • Marshall Cunningham (MASc Candidate) - Digital Twin for Manufacturing 4.0
  • Evan Alexander (MASc Candidate) - Failure Detection in Aircraft Honeycomb Panels
  • Simon Kersten (MASc Candidate) - Modal Analysis of Aircraft Fuselage Structure
  • Rochana Gunawardana (MASc Candidate) - Modal Analysis of Aircraft Fuselage Structure
  • Mengian Sun (PhD candidate) - Damage Detection in Aircraft Structures
  • Etefe Govanian (PhD Candidate) - Data Analytics Applied to Metal Cutting Signals
  • Dr. Mohsen Marani (PDF) - Metal Cutting Modeling and Data Analytics
  • Tim von Hahn (Research Associate) - Data Analytics for Cutting Tool Condition Assessment

Current Consulting

  • Training Courses in Vibration Based Machine Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis: I am available for training courses at three different ISO defined levels (Category I - Introductory, Category II - Intermediate, Category III - Advanced). Each course is one week in duration and contains a variety of classroom style instruction, individual and group learning activities and several appropriate case studies.

Facilities Available

  • Vibration measurement and analysis instrumentation: accelerometers of various sizes and sensitivities, Sony DAT recorder, National Instruments VXI data collection and analysis units (2x8 channels), Photon RT Pro Dynamic Signal Analyser (4 Channels), VTS 150 Electro-dynmaic shaker, Polytec Scanning Laser Vibrometer
  • Acoustic measurement and analysis instrumentation: microphones of various sizes and sensitivities (including preamps, power supplies, cables), reverberation and semi-anicoic chambers.
  • Software: IDEAS, ANSYS, LMS Vertual Lab, MATLAB, LabView, ME Scope (modal analysis)
  • Computing: every research scholar has their own desktop PC; there are also mainframe and networked (parallel) computing facilities available within the Faculty for large computational analysis.