Research Interests

Vibration and Noise Reduction in and around aircraft fuselage structures AND Vibration Based Machine Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics.

Teaching Objectives

To impart a thorough understanding of the principles of engineering in the undergraduate engineering curriculum and to lead and train a large, dynamic group of postgraduate research students. Staying relevant and keeping abreast of the latest engineering research and teaching developments are essential aspects of my undergraduate and graduate teaching. Through consulting, collaborating with researchers in other faculties and institutions, and publishing at conferences and in journals, I am able to keep learning, and bring my passion for engineering back to my students. I am always looking for real life examples to back up the classroom and laboratory learning. I find, for example, that describing my research projects to the undergraduates always piques their interest. The undergraduates tell me that they are extremely interested in learning what the postgraduates are doing, and finding out about results in our research program. It is critical that university engineering instructors find the appropriate balance between theoretical development and application. By reviewing and updating my teaching strategies and course content on an ongoing basis I feel that I am able to stay close to the optimum balance.

Currently I teach or have taught the following courses:

Undergraduate; Instrumentation and Measurement, Mechanics of Solids, System Dynamics and Process Control, Mechanical Vibrations, Machine Condition Monitoring, Design, Noise Control.

Graduate; Advanced Vibration Analysis, Machine Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics, Maintenance Engineering.