AZAR, a CFI/ORF-funded infrastructure, is a novel Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) system with innovative features designed and built by our research group. AZAR is equipped with a high-performance printing enclosure featuring a tightly-controlled atmosphere (i.e., O2 content regulation & continuous filtering) for effective processing of reactive metals such as Al, Ti and Zr alloys. The unit will be also equipped with a unique laser-based in-situ monitoring camera, LDD-700, from IPG Photonics.

Modular Design


Specifications (Current Capacity)



Design Team

Arash Nikniazi (Research Assistant)
Daniel Howells (Undergraduate Research Student, Alumni)
Zihao Zhuo (Undergraduate Research Student, Alumni)
Aiden Estabrooks (Undergraduate Research Student, Alumni)