Please see the open positions below for the 2024-2025 Academic year.  

Fall 2024: 

MECH 211 Manufacturing Methods 

MECH 221 Solid Mechanics I

MECH 229 Kinematics and Dynamics (taught to MREN/MINE students in fall)

MREN 241 Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Power 

MECH 270 Materials Science and Engineering  (50%)

MECH 330 Applied Thermodynamics II

MECH 452 Mechatronics Engineering 

MECH 495 Ergonomics and Design (co-taught with KNPE 450) 

MECH 460 / MECH 464 Capstone Design Team Project, Project Management and Communications


Winter 2025:

APSC 200 Engineering Design and Practice (MECH section only)

MECH 203 Mathematics and Computational Tools for Mechanical Engineers II

MREN 230 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

MECH 323 Machine Design

MECH 393 Biomechanical Product Design (partially co-taught with OT 887)

MECH 462 Capstone Design Team Project II