The Competency Based Assessment (CBA) symposium is an annual event held in May, which brings together engineering students, educators, and professionals to discuss competency-based assessment. This much anticipated event features an intensive exploration of how learning improvement can be driven by competency-based assessment. We look forward to welcoming you May 2025.

First Annual CBA Symposium


The first annual CBA symposium took place May 11-12, 2023. This two day event was filled with speakers, interactive workshops, and an excellent keynote speach from Dr. Sean Maw.

participants talking to speaker during interactive portion of workshop
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Second Annual CBA Symposium


The 2024 symposium was a full day event focused on learning improvement. The morning session was guided by the guest speaker Dr. Keston Fulcher followed by an interactive afternoon of examples and workshop opportunities exploring how learning improvement can be informed by competency assessment.

speaker at the front of the room showing his presentation

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 Watch the video below for part of the Q+A section of the Second Annual CBA Symposium.